Developing A Cross-Platform iOS & Android Social Media App

This series will be covering how to create a cross-platform social media app using Ruby on Rails and React Native.


In this series, I will be covering how to develop a social media app using React Native as the frontend and Ruby on Rails as the backend. Each line will be explained, and although it will be a much longer process, you will understand what each line means rather than copying and pasting blocks of code.

Note: I only work on this series outside of college and my job as they take much higher priority. Since I would like this series to be high quality, installments may be released over a longer period of time.

Milestone 1: Creating our Rails API

1: Rails Setup

How to setup Ruby on Rails 6 for our social media app

2: PostgreSQL Setup

Learn how to setup a PostgreSQL database for a Ruby on Rails app

3: Authentication Setup

Setting up Devise with a Rails API for authenthication

4: Creating A User

Creating a user with an email and a password using the Rails console

5: Creating Auth Endpoints

Creating authentication endpoints for our User models

6: API Versioning

Implementing API versioning on our Rails API

7: JWT (JSON Web Token) Authentication

What JWT (JSON Web Token) authentication is and how to use it

8: Implementing Serializers

Creating active model serializers in our Rails endpoints

9: Creating a JWT Singleton Class

Developing a module for JWT logic

10: Implementing JWT In Auth Endpoints

How to implement JWT in login and register endpoints