App designed for roommates to have automated chore schedules on a week by week basis.

Automate Your Chores

PlanSpace automatically plans out chores for you and your roommate on a week by week basis. Every day you will have a list of chores to complete. Once you mark a chore as complete, it automatically schedules the task for the next roommate based on their current chore schedule.

Create Shared Tasks

Create shared tasks in seconds and let PlanSpace do the rest. Using the estimate and renewal fields, the app will automatically handle task assignments going forward. All you will have to do is wait for it to be assigned to you and mark it as complete.

Everyone Does Their Fair Share

PlanSpace, uses task history data and the task estimates to balance the workload throughout the year. If you do a task more often than others, PlanSpace will assign it more to other roommates more often.

Simple, As It Should Be

PlanSpace is supposed to help make chore assignments one less thing to worry about. It shouldn't be more work to use it. The app is designed to get you and your roommates setup in minutes.

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