Personal Portfolio Website

Developer Details


What was this built with?

My personal portfolio website was built with React.js and Gatsby for the frontend. The app is deployed to Heroku. The ui was inspired by Material Design and the styles were made with SASS. The hero section backgrounds were made using Adobe Illustrator.

What were the biggest challenges?

The project was built with SEO in mind. Originally the app was built as a single page app in React.js, however, I realized that SPA's are not optimal for that. I switched over to Gatsby by copying over all of my components to a new Gatsby project.

What did I learn?

I used to use Ruby Middleman as my go-to static site generator. It did its job, however, it was not the best tool in my experience. After trying React.js and Gatsby out, I couldn't see myself using another stack. I was able to apply the coding practices I have from years of React Native development to this project.

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