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React NativeReduxRuby on RailsPostgreSQLNode.jssocket-io

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What was this built with?

PlanSpace was build with React Native for the frontend, Ruby on Rails for the backend, Node.js for the server, and PostgreSQL for the database.

This app was built from scratch at HackDavis 2020 within 24 hours. I created the React Native app with a future web app in mind so that I can reuse as much of the codebase as possible for a React.js web app.

Ruby on Rails allowed me to quickly create a REST API with fully working authentication using Devise. Using Active Model Serializer I was able to keep the API responses small so that loading states are rare.

The Node.js server is a simple server that emits redux actions to be dispatched. Using this server, users can see real-time updates for their task list.

What were the biggest challenges?

Since this project was made at a hackathon, the biggest challenge was creating a functional app within the 24 hours. I went to the hackathon solo, so I decided to stay up the whole 24 hours to see how far I could get. Unfortunately I was not able to get that far with the automation part of the app. The app does automatically create the next task and assigns chores to roommates who haven't been putting in their fair share of work.

The app was also designed to be quick to use. Figuring out good UX to achieve that goal was difficult. Lazyloading data using redux improved the quality feel of the app. Rarely would a user see loading states.

What did I learn?

I learned how to completely setup a nearly production ready fullstack app from scratch. It allowed me to fine tune my skills in fullstack development and figure out what I need to focus on learning next.

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