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Why was this built?

When I was attending Granite Bay High School, I was in a class called GBiT. It was a class for students interested in tech to grow their knowledge in it. There were multiple groups in that class, one of which was the CS group that I was a part of.

I knew I wanted to do something in computer science, I just didn't know what I exactly wanted to do in that field. I tried making videogames in Lua, C++, and in Java but it wasn't something I excelled at or wanted to do in the future.

Eventually, I got into web development and enjoyed it. I wasn't good at it, but I was learning. Soon I wanted to try iOS and Android development. Unfortunately that was a big task to accomplish at the time, so I stuck with designing a prototype mobile app in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

This project was later presented to the class as part of our final project for the semester.

What was this built with?

Plutus was build with HTML, CSS, and Javascript for the frontend. It uses Materialize for the ui framework and Animate.css for the animations. Plutus is packaged as an iOS and Android app by using Phonegap.

What were the biggest challenges?

This was one of the first projects I made while learning html and css, so I had difficulty learning how to implement ui frameworks and javascript libraries.

What did I learn?

This project was a key stepping stone for me to pursue web development and eventually mobile app development. Looking back at this project from 5 years ago to today in 2020, I realized how far I have come and how important it is to pay attention to detail. Being able to feel confident in web development is what pushed me to keep learning.

Check out the source code: